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Mirror Pillar

A maths outreach project by Matt Parker and Katie Steckles

Taking place in 2018/19, in locations around the UK


The Mirror Pillar is a giant 2m high cylindrical mirror, which reflects and distorts images from the ground around it to create beautiful anamorphic artworks. The project will be a chance to interact with anamorphic images by drawing part of one, and discover the mathematics and geometry behind projected and distorted images.


Mirror anamorphosis showing a chair, Adriaan P. Goddijn CC BY-SA

Mirror anamorphosis showing a chair, Adriaan P. Goddijn CC BY-SA

Hobbes anamorphic art, by on Instructables

Hobbes anamorphic art, by on Instructables

Giant Anamorphic Frog by Jonty Hurwitz

Giant Anamorphic Frog by Jonty Hurwitz

Get Involved

Participate in the Mirror Pillar as part of your school or community group, by downloading our accompanying worksheets (developed by project partners Think Maths) and producing your own distorted images - then bring them to try against the real pillar! If you're finding it a challenge to create a distorted image, try our How To Sheet for some tips.

If you'd like to create your own Mirror Pillar images at home, we've built the Pillariser, which lets you upload an image and download the anamorphically distorted version. There are also downloadable versions of the Mirror Pillar activities which you'll find alongside the pillar, including making anamorphic sculpture, stretching anamorphism and anamorphic projection. These activities are also all included in the teacher pack above.

There will be opportunities for artists to work with the Mirror Pillar - both during its public display, and to create artworks to exhibit. For more information, see our Artists Callout.

Photo copyright WoollyThoughts.comIf you're into knitting, Woolly Thoughts have produced a knitting pattern for a knitted rainbow rectangle, which can be adapted to produce other anamorphic knitting for use with a mini-Mirror Pillar. They have also produced an artwork, entitled "The Windmills of your Mind", which will be displayed alongside the pillar from the Manchester dates onward.



The project is supported by the UK's first National Mathematics Discovery Centre. After we've finished our tour, the Pillar will become part of MWUK's collection of exhibits.

Queen Mary University of London

QMUL will host the Mirror Pillar as part of their Open Day

Manchester Science Festival

The Pillar will appear in Manchester city centre and in North/East Manchester locations

Maths Week Ireland

The Pillar will be in Dublin for three days during Maths Week

Peterborough STEM Festival

We'll be at Peterborough STEM Festival on 13th October

University of Bath

The Mirror Pillar will visit Bath as part of Mathematics at Bath's October outreach programme


The Mirror Pillar will be travelling around the UK to visit several different locations during 2018/19. If you'd like to visit, check the dates below - and if you're interested in being one of our sponsor organisations and having the Mirror Pillar visit you for a public exhibit, email and we can send details of what's involved.

MirrorPillar Map

Mirror Pillar Confirmed locations:

We also have several other locations as yet unconfirmed - watch this space for more details.

The Team

The Mirror Pillar is organised by mathematicians Matt Parker and Katie Steckles, the team that brought you the MegaMenger, the Manchester MegaPixel and the Domino Computer.

Special thanks to Andrew Taylor for work on the Pillariser, and to our volunteers who came to the preliminary testing day to help develop the pillar activities.

We'll also be coordinating a team of volunteers to run activities alongside the Mirror Pillar. If you're interested in being involved, contact

If you have any questions, press enquiries or other requests, please email

The Mirror Pillar was constructed by LM Interactive.

Matt and Katie with the Mirror Pillar

Matt and Katie with the Mirror Pillar